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L.R. Bryant

Fantasy Author


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Veiled in Glass and Silence

"Bold moves. Desperate moves. They're all we have left."

A hidden magic endangers Lenora in the spellbound realm of Kenosopia. The small Isle is secluded and full of charmed wonders, but also haunted by deadly secrets. All the residents risk a fate worse than death, for everything is not as it appears.

From the Glass Palace, Queen Mirria and her trusted mage Manidhar wage a silent war over the seemingly peaceful kingdom. Information locked within Lenora's mind could be the key to saving countless lives; but remembering comes with a cost that might be too steep to pay.

Nobody will know who to trust and who to follow as an ancient darkness returns, determined to finish what it started. Friends become enemies as brother turns on brother in a race to thwart the deadly spell and cease the destruction.

If Lenora and her companions succeed a new reality will dawn; truth will be set free. But if they fail, all will be lost and evil will reign.

Author L.R. Bryant presents Veiled in Glass and Silence, the heart pounding sequel to dark portal fantasy debut Bound by Blood and Shadow. Join Lenora in a new land shrouded in secrecy, where terrifying creatures are just the beginning of the dark torments that await.


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Bryant introduces a cast of compelling characters and explores some all-too-relatable dark places of the human psyche, and also provides a wonderful dose of adventure and worldbuilding. From a system of magic that doesn't feel quite like anything I've read before to an ever-shifting collection of fantastic biomes and gnarly creatures, you can tell Bryant put in the work to build and artfully share a well fleshed-out reality.

There are elements of a portal fantasy any Narnia fan will appreciate, but the darker, adult tone clearly sets Bound and Blood and Shadow apart as its own type of beast. The stakes are high, the issues are real, and I think Bound by Blood and Shadow is a heck of a debut novel from a talented indie author. I'm very excited to see where Bryant takes us with the rest of this trilogy and beyond!

-Ben Merrylees

Praise & Reviews
"Bound by Blood and Shadow"

As a fantasy fan, it’s hard to find fresh plots that aren’t been-there-done-that. I was delighted to discover that this novel not only kept me in enthralled, it kept me guessing until the very end. It checks all the boxes…beautiful storytelling, a relatable protagonist with dark and gritty baggage, battles and adventures and tastefully understated romance, mental health struggles, trauma. It's Narnia for grownups, cannot wait for book two.

-Bronwyn Johnson

Thrust into another world, Lenora must face her anxiety head on while trying to survive. Creatures are odd, even the trees, and that sends Lenora in a believable spiral where we as a reader get a taste of why she has anxiety and panic disorder all while getting to marvel at these beautiful new areas, beasts, and flora.
The lore is amazing, just enough of a twist on a known lore to make it comforting while introducing newness.  Her magic and entrance into this world make her a subject of awe for the good guys, and something the bad one's desire to be on their side desperately.
Best thing: Lenora's horse becomes her steadying rock. For horse people, we know this and can feel this.


About L. R. Bryant

Writing dark epic, portal fantasy in the many realms of Starpathia, my trilogy is currently being published over the year 2023. This series is a dream come true or nightmare, depending on the chapter and I am honored to share Lenora with you.

When not found attached to my laptop in my hammock you can see me chasing escaped goats on our farm, refereeing my human twins or by a bonfire with wine in my hand & my handsome husband.

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