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Fantasy Books


Bound by Blood & Shadow

Book One - Tree of Offerings Trilogy

Released Feb 25th 2023

"This was it, the end of my story."

They were trapped with no way back. Stumbling into an unknown world is terrifying for any human, but for anxiety-riddled Lenora, it's worse. There's only one consolation: She arrived on horseback, with her beloved black gelding.


Starpathia holds a realm of enchanting creatures both wonderous and lethal. Protected under the watchful eyes of Elders, the people wield impossible gifts, unbelievable to an outsider. That is, until Lenora’s own hidden powers surface, turning the eyes of The Fallen upon her.


Shadow magic hurls Lenora into an age-old conflict begun long before her arrival. Whispers of one who can enter your mind place her in far more danger than most, for the caged beings she brought from home still reside deep inside. Now they are getting louder, screaming to be heard.


Can Lenora master her new powers against such ancient darkness?


Or will she fall prey to the darkness inside, dooming this realm and all others?


Veiled in Glass & Silence

Book Two - Tree of Offerings Trilogy

Release August 18th 2023


A hidden magic endangers Lenora in the spellbound realm of Kenosopia. The small Isle is secluded and full of charmed wonders, but also haunted by deadly secrets. All the residents risk a fate worse than death, for everything is not as it appears.

From the Glass Palace, Queen Mirria and her trusted mage Manidhar wage a silent war over the seemingly peaceful kingdom. Information locked within Lenora's mind could be the key to saving countless lives; but remembering comes with a cost that might be too steep to pay.

Nobody will know who to trust and who to follow as an ancient darkness returns, determined to finish what it started. Friends become enemies as brother turns on brother in a race to thwart the deadly spell and cease the destruction.

If Lenora and her companions succeed a new reality will dawn; truth will be set free. But if they fail, all will be lost and evil will reign.

Author L.R. Bryant presents Veiled in Glass and Silence, the heart pounding sequel to dark portal fantasy debut Bound by Blood and Shadow. Join Lenora in a new land shrouded in secrecy, where terrifying creatures are just the beginning of the dark torments that await.

"Bold moves. Desperate moves. They're all we have left."

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