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ARC Reader/Reviewer & Launch Team Application: "Veiled in Glass and Silence" L.R. Bryant

*Please read the following information before filling out the form*

*Content Warning: on-page violence & torture, including death, off-page implied child abuse.

*NO on-page sex.

Please take note that this book is book two of a trilogy and reading "Bound by Blood and Shadow" first is highly recommended. 

Advanced Reader Copies are intended for those who agree to leave an honest review on your chosen platform/s. This can be Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo or your social media platforms. It doesn't have to be one either, you can do multiple if you choose. The size of your online platform will have no bearing on your selection and those with smaller platforms are encouraged to apply. 

  • ARC Readers will receive their copy as soon as August 5th. Reviews are needed between August 19th - September 5th after reading, posted to your chosen platform.

L.R. Bryant is a huge fan of printed books & humbly request that you purchase a paperback copy. Preorders of printed books show the distributors the book is worth stocking. We hope you take advantage of the preorder period before the public launch date of August 5th-18th, 2023 or purchase at your convenience after launch.

Thank you so much for your willingness to support this story & the many that will follow!

- L.R. Bryant 

What subgenre's of fantasy do you most enjoy reading?
Have you read book one -"Bound by Blood and Shadow"

Thanks for submitting!

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