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L.R. Bryant

Creator of Starpathia

Little am I certain of when Starpathia began weaving its magic in my mind, most likely the early pieces of this world fell into view decades ago from horseback. Growing up I found myself often alone in the woods upon my black mare, many times wishing to be in another world entirely & on occasion we would go there. It wouldn't be until adulthood, motherhood, that these realms found their way to a page. Once again after a long ride on horseback through the forest, Starpathia & it's limitless realms would greet me when I most needed them. In my grief I would type up story upon story. Now, three novels are being prepared to share with the world, but I have so many more scratching to be set free.

Join me in the exploration of such a place...then beyond, for I finally have found my dream: To share my worlds & stories with you.

Once I was told, no one really knows who they want to be when they grow up, that is until they become such a person. It is then they learn if they love or despise the creation. What some forget to embrace, is that no matter what got them there, what situations out of their control began to define who they became, they don't have to stay. They can move on, forward, into another realm, different circumstances & fight to be who they dreamed of being long ago. Starpathia share's such a promise & in our world it can be achieved by those who are willing.

"For I know now who I wish to be, whom I was created to be but to become that person I had to learn from who I was before."


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